Spotlight on Seattle Craftspeople: Birdloft's Nimbus Cloud Table


We're starting a new series on the CGID blog.  The recent years have seen an explosion in the number of artists, craftspeople, and designers calling the Pacific Northwest home, the result being a virtual hotbed of creative activity.  With that, CGID will be devoting a post every week to an artist or craftsperson that we're smitten with.   Today marks our very first spotlight. If you're in the Pacific Northwest and want to see your work here, shoot us a message via the "Contact Us" page.


Birdloft Custom Furniture by Jeff Libby & Adrienne Wicks Spotlight Work: Nimbus Cloud Coffee Table

There are two things to keep in mind today.  One, it is raining here in Seattle (though this is never news).  Two, the raw edge is simply one of our favorite design trends for 2015.

Blame it on the cloudy sky but with these two facts in mind, it should only make more sense why we chose to make the Nimbus Cloud Coffee Table by artists Jeff Libby and Adrienne Wicks, the creative talent behind Tacoma based Birdloft, the focus of our very first Seattle spotlight. Of course we know that Birdloft's Washington home isn't exactly Seattle proper.  However, Tacoma is, in the words of someone much smarter than us, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the CGID headquarters and, for those in search of something unique to bring into their home, worth the distance.

"Living Light, Making Beauty" - Birdloft's Ethos

Even before we discovered the Nimbus Cloud on Birdloft's website, we were attracted to the premise behind Birdloft.  Summed up quite succinctly in their ethos, Birdloft creates with practices and methods that go beyond the simple act of "Being Green".  Not simply relying on reclaimed materials like rough-sawn old growth lumber and urban salvage hardwoods scavenged from Seattle, Tacoma, and the Puget Sound as the foundation for their inspired works, Libby and Wicks source steel with an estimate 89.5 percent recycled content, finish their furnishings with locally produced oils and waxes (never with polyurethane) or 100% recycled paint from Portland, make deliveries and pick-ups from behind the wheel of a pickup converted to biodiesel (locally produced biodiesel made from 100% recycled canola oil we might add!), and ship using only heavy duty cardboard that has, in their words, "already done service at least once".

Needless to say, it isn't just a bit of Libby and Wicks that make up a part of every finished Birdloft piece, but also a bit of the Pacific Northwest.






This bit of history, of presence, is showcased in every one of Birdloft's designs.  Instilled with a dose of Mother Nature, the artists pare each concept down to the simplest of forms.  No line is out of place.  No extraneous ornament.  And each concept brings attention to the striking intricacy engrained in the individual wood grains embellishing the natural timbers, planks, and boards that find their way into Birdloft's clean, modern designs.

It is in the Nimbus Cloud Coffee Table, a thickly sliced sectional "cloud" of Cypress salvaged from Puget Sound's Gig Harbor resting on industrial inspired steel legs with a seemly retro lean, that their mission and Eco-sensitive practices are truly represented.  Little has been done to the harvested Cypress beyond cleaning its raw edges, allowing it to air dry, and finishing its exposed surfaces with breathable teak oil and a steel finished clear matte enamel, allowing its natural beauty to play center stage.  More so, Birdloft leaves in place surface imperfections like insect tracks and graffiti, a simple reminder that in nature, just as in us, beauty can be found in imperfection.  Ever mar has a story.  If only the Nimbus' undulating surface could talk.

We'd love to listen.

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