Modernism Week 2017 | The Kennedy Compound

What's all the hoopla about . . .Mid-Century modern and more, oh my! The buzz about Modernism Week 2017 did not disappoint hundreds of visitors touring the Christopher Kennedy Compound that featured the who's who of talented designers from around the states. 

Welcome! Please remove your shoes, turn off your cell phones, and enjoy the tour . . .

A little interplay of geometry, heavy textures, and a big splash of bold gold.

And did I mention COLOR? Soft vibrant hues and warm metallic tones energize the senses.

While a classic mix of natural marble and diamond patterns embellish this modern day kitchen. 

A trendy farm house style apron sink marries this classical kitchen design with today's modern amenities. 

This master suite comprised of a calming monochromatic color scheme is elegant, refreshing and joyful! 

Step into a tropical oasis master bathroom with fabulous stylish wall sconces and delicate textures and prints.

A dry bar is a brilliant and convenient addition to any master suite. Why not!? 

Nuff said! It's every girl's dream to have a well organized, beautiful dressing space and closet.

Speaking of closets . . . this open concept closet becomes a feature space of fun colorful shapes and patterns.

Geometry, color, form, and fun! What better way to express the basic elements of design.

Taking the fun inside out. . . Go, go, bananas! Bold and bright elevates any cloudy day.

More examples of mixing geometry, textures, and form to create inviting spaces. 

Oooo-la-la, our outdoor lighting obsession!

The fifth wall . . . the ceiling is probably the most neglected wall within residential living. Be brave, take those colors and patterns up overhead!  

One of our favorite spaces . . .laundry room bliss!

Additional storage is not boring.   

Thank you for joining us today on our tour of the Kennedy Compound in beautiful, sunny Palm Springs, California.  We hope you enjoyed the tour and discovered lots of design inspirations, we certainly did. Our trip couldn't have been better if the sun had shined! 

Traveling the world of design. . .

Corinne Gail

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