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Small Spaces: Furniture Solutions for Accessible Micro Dwellings (Part 2)

Corinne Gail Interior Design continues our look at the solutions and products that make it easier for Accessibility and Small Space Living to coexist.  Today, Part II of our collection of furniture solutions, this time with a focus on Entertaining and Sleeping.

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Small Spaces: Furniture Solutions for Accessible Micro Dwellings (Part I) #AgingInPlace

Do you remember our post this past week asking one very simple yet oh so complicated question? The team at Corinne Gail Interior Design has been hard at work researching the answers, putting together a virtual source book of solutions proving that, YES, accessibility and small spaces can co-exist.  Starting with today's post - furniture solutions for Work and Storage - through next week we'll be publishing a series of posts highlighting the direct solutions that make Aging-In-Place possible with limited square footage.

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Accessibility & Micro Living, Can it Co-Exist?

It should come as no surprise that the rising cost of residential real estate is driving home buyers, both new and old alike, to seek out smaller abodes when making a home buying purchase.  With an emphasis on lifestyle amenities, location, and outdoor living spaces, the desired new home incorporates more features into less square footage and, often times, results in a more efficient way of living.

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