Interior Design | The Emerald City - How to Incorporate Emerald into Your Home!

Image courtesy of Pantone
 With Pantone announcing the color of 2013 as Emerald Green, we think it’s time for us who live in the Emerald City, and all those that don’t, to embrace this sophisticated color that is all around us. Emerald can be an intense color to handle and finding the best application that doesn’t overwhelm your room can be hard.

Image courtesy of Examiner
One way to incorporate Emerald into your life is to start with small but impactful ways to bring Emerald in. From a new rug and pillow to a brilliant sconce or new dinnerware, there are many ways to bring the color Emerald into your world. Here are some great accents that can get the ball rolling with helping you add a pop of Emerald.
1. Rug | 2. Dinnerware | 3. Pillow | 4. Sofa | 5. Wall Sconce | 6. Emerald Tile

We hope that you are able to find the perfect Emerald additions for your home and remember we are always here to help. If you would like some guidance with putting your next room together or need some questions answered about a tricky color, do not hesitate to ask!
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