Interior Design | Design your next room with the color of Passion RED!

The color red is associated with the feelings of passion, love and desire. These emotional responses to this intense color can be translated in many different ways and when used while designing a space it can be hard to find the balance between too much and just enough. Part of the balance of designing with the color red is to find the prefect hue. Red can be infused with hints of purple and blue to orange and pink. It is important to think of your entire color scheme to make sure you are selecting the perfect red to enhance the overall palette.
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From a room that is completely infused with red to one that simply uses red for a dramatic pop of color there are many ways to embrace this passionate color. When using red as the main color inspiration layering multiple tints can help to create a more dynamic and visually appealing space.

With such an intense color it is also important to remember to balance it around the room. Having equal levels of red that are disturbed throughout your room will allow your eyes to gracefully move across the room and will create a more cohesive design.
Don’t be afraid to embrace your passion and design with colors that truly inspire you. And remember we are always here to help. If you would like some guidance with putting your next room together or need some questions answered about a tricky color do not hesitate to ask!
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