Kitchens and Baths | Master Bath Revamp: Part 1 Before

A new challenge has presented itself…what to do with an out of date master bathroom!! We are in the beginning stages of this master bathroom remodel and are excited to bring this bath up to date.

Although a 5 piece master bath suite may be optimal to some, many of today's clients want to remove their large soaking tubs to create a luxurious shower experience. The large amount of area that is consumed by the deck of the tub creates awkward angles and eats up a lot of the bathroom.

Not only is this a massive fixture in the bathroom but it also lacks proper function. The lack of a plumbing access panel to the soaking tub will require tearing out of ceramic tiles from the facade in order to repair broken faucet handles.

Another issue of this master suite remodel is the dungeon like shower. Reminiscent to a phone booth from the past, this single shower stall is too small and confined for comfort and convenience.

We are excited to tackle this master suite and are excited to bring you along with us. Check back to see the process and transformation! Are you about to tackle the revamp of a master bath?? Need some help? Send us your questions!

Corinne Gail Interior Design