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Whether you are considering doing a complete bathroom overhaul or planning on re-vamping your existing bathroom fixture, there are a lot of elements to consider. Let’s start with the bathroom vanity. The bathroom vanity is usually the largest piece of furniture and the main source of storage in any bathroom. But it is important to not only focus on having a functional vanity but an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture for your room too.

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If you are not planning on gutting 100% of your bathroom, then it might be wise to consider refinishing your existing vanity cabinet with paint or decorative trim details. A little pop of color can completely transform any outdated vanity, and adding hardware "jewelry" is the perfect finishing touch.
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Finding unique furniture pieces like a sideboard or dresser and renovating it into something new and sophisticated, can also be a beautiful touch for any bathroom.  Keep in mind when searching for the perfect piece of furniture that it needs to provide room for storage and that the cabinet is large enough to accommodate the necessary plumbing.
We hope that you find inspiration either in your existing vanity or in a unique piece that calls to you! If you would like some guidance with putting your next room together or need some questions answered about a tricky vanity project, don't hesitate to ask!
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