Interior Design | Bellevue Towers Inspired by Barbara Barry

This past week we were very excited to be invited to an open house tour of the Bellevue Tower’s Pent House that was designed using inspiring Barbara Barry furniture.  With views that swept the Northwest’s beautiful landscape to use of nicely scaled furniture and soft colors took advantage of not only the amazing view but the layout of the Pent House. We have seen grays be a dominate color pallet for a while now and finding the perfect gray that has a nice proportion of color without losing the soft gray undertone can be a challenge. At the Bellevue Tower’s Pent House the designer used a beautiful gray that was infused with a soft purple.

This soft gray purple was used throughout the main living and dining area as well as in the guest bath and den off the main areas. With different tones and intensities throughout the spaces you where gently lead from one space to another.

20130417_182837  20130417_184137  20130417_184156

20130417_182919   20130417_182800

The soft gray purple deepened once you reached the Pent House master suite to a deeper cool gray that was used both as a paint treatment, wallpaper and in accents throughout the space. The overall effect of the master suite was clam and relaxing.


20130417_183221   20130417_183251   20130417_183301

What do you think of the gray pallet that was used in the Bellevue Tower’s Pent House?? Need help finding the perfect gray for your space? Just ask for help!

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