Kitchens and Baths | Banquette Built-In

Do you have a “unique” nook in your kitchen or perhaps your dining room that is a bit tighter than you would like? Fill those unique spaces with a space saving banquette.  Built in dining allows you to utilize every inch of your limited space. Bay Window Banquette

Bay Window Banquette 2

Bay windows are a wonderful place to create a custom dining area. Incorporating the banquette dining area into the bay window maximizes your seating potential and keeps a cluttered kitchen free of roaming chairs.

Banquette Storage

Don’t forget that a custom banquette is the perfect place to integrate storage. Every inch of storage space you can create within your home is a bonus. The exposed end of this banquette provides practical storage solutions that are easy to access at any time.

Dining Room Banquette

When your dining room is a bit too tight for comfort, or perhaps you have an awkward passageway or door that doesn’t allow you to fully enjoy your dining room, building in a banquette seating area gives you maximum seating as well as plenty of space to move about.

Island Banquette Seating

A banquette is a wonderful way to turn a tight unorganized space into a functional and creative eating area. Don’t forget to have fun and to be creative when it comes to finding unique storage solutions and a vibrate color combo to brighten up these small spaces.

Pop of color Banquette

Banquete Elle Decor

If you are having trouble finding the perfect layout that will allow you to maximize your space, remember we are here to help, email us your questions and images of your tricky spaces.

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