Interior Design | Non-existent Entryway

entry example Last week we were inspired by beautiful entryways presented by Arcadian Home, and this week we thought we would explore homes and apartments with non-existent entryways, that is, entries that open abruptly into the main living space leaving you no place to hang coats and jackets, store and remove shoes, or a place to stow your soggy umbrella.

Entryways not only need to be inviting and guest friendly, they need to be functional as well.

Creative solutions you can do. . .

Entryways do not have to be defined by solid walls.  Here open shelving units work beautifully to delineate both spaces while providing a functional and convenient home for your keys, outgoing mail, or cellphone.  Keeping items in the same place will help eliminate, "Honey, have you seen my wallet!?"

entry solution 2_apartment therapy_dividerbyfilifjonkan_flickr-2_rect540

Photo courtesy of Apartment therapy.

We love the use of this folding screen that separates the spaces, and especially the addition of an entry table, umbrella holder and fresh flowers to create a welcoming experience for your guests.

Photo courtesy of Houzz

Consider a custom designed entryway. . .

Your professional designer will work with you to create the perfect architectural details for your custom entryway.  For more information about our interior architecture and design services, please visit our website.

Photo courtesy of Sullivan Conard Architects

houzz_entry home-design

Adding a multifunctional built-in storage center can be a great solution for creating division between other areas within your home, such as this outdoor entry and open home office space.

Form follows function . . .

If your home is like most homes, your entryway is a dropping ground for clutter, and the key to a great entryway is finding functional and beautiful furniture pieces that help define your space and keep it organized.



Photo courtesy of The Suburban Urbanist

Creating a welcoming entryway where one does not exist, does not have to be expensive or complicated. For more ideas on how to transform your non-existent entryway into a unique space within your home, email us your entryway photos and a brief description of your design dilemma, we would love to help!