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From time to time I like to chime in on design dilemma questions posted by homeowners.  This week we are talking glass for showers ...which type of glass would be best for a low maintenance shower, clear, frosted, or textured? No doubt if you have ever owned glass in the shower, you probably learned real fast that those beautiful glass inserts required a lot of diligence on your part in the battle against soap scum buildup and hard water spots.

Some of the most popular cleaning methods range from wiping down the entire surface after each use, using a squeegee, spraying the shower with a daily cleanser, or a combination of all three!  In addition to towel drying and chemical scrubbing, we have even heard of homeowners applying Rain-x or a light film of lemon oil to help repel soap scum build-up between deep cleanings.

Soap Scum and Hard Water Buildup

Regardless of your cleaning methods, I personally feel that textured glass is a little more forgiving when it comes to showing water spots and mineral deposits, and I do tend to specify textured glass to clients wanting low maintenance glass.

However, we located products to share with you that are available on the market that can help you maintain your sparkle with less effort.  The two glass products that caught our attention are permanently sealed glass by ShowerGuard and a professionally applied protective barrier called Clear Choice. Both products were developed to help protect glass from soap scum buildup, hard water spots, mineral deposits, and etching. . .making your life easier!  Check out their sites.

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