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If you are like many homeowners, storage space in the bathroom is at a premium, and not always convenient to use.  Drawers are wonderful for storing hair brushes, makeup, Q-tips, etc., but where do you store hair care products, body products, and other miscellaneous items we creatures of comfort need to store?  Do you store your items under the counter or in a wall unit? photo 1(2)

Does your cabinet look like this?  Unable to find what you are looking for?  Do you find that your arms are too short to reach to the back of the cabinet?

To help create a user friendly organized bathroom cabinet, I like to suggest that you to go find baskets or bins that are lightweight and deep enough to hold tall bottles or cans that can easily slide in and out of the cabinetry.

photo 2(2)

We purchased natural baskets to help organize my client's products.  The left basket holds only hair care products; brushes, combs, gels, sprays, etc., while the right basket holds only body care products; lotions, perfume, sunscreen, etc.  Not only is this more convenient to use, when the cabinet is open, it is neat and tidy for all to see.

Baskets are the perfect solution to many storage needs within your home.  My clients love the idea of knowing exactly where to find what product and the convenience of one task, one basket!

What storage cabinet can you organize using a basket. . . kitchen spices, cleaning supplies, sewing, crafts, school supplies, DVDs/CDs?  The possibilities are endless.

photo 3(2)

We would love to see your photos of storage solutions using baskets, just drop us an Email to share your ideas.

Get organized, it's easy!

Corinne Gail

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