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You may be asking yourself what does weed control have to do with interior design - literally, nothing.  However, when designing fabulous spaces inside and out, I look to the great outdoors for inspiration and I find that I'm not inspired by a garden full of weeds, although some can be beautiful, but that's not my point today.  I wouldn't be doing my job if I neglected to emphasize a gorgeous outdoor view from the interior.  Extending interior views that frame attractive outdoor living spaces means I look closely at how the landscape from decks, patios, windows, walkways, entries, etc., will enhance my client's experience, and sorry, the weeds must go! Early Spring and early Fall are the best times to kill off those pesky weeds before they have a chance to move in the relatives and take up permanent residency in your landscape.  Here is a very effective HEALTHY weed control alternative to commonly found toxic weed/vegetation killers.  This natural alternative is safe, cheap and non-toxic to you, your family and pets!

Vinegar!  Yes, vinegar!  Here's why it works.  Growth of plants/weeds depends on a fairly balanced pH level in the soil.  Adding acidity such as vinegar to the soil alters the pH level to an extreme causing the weeds to die.  This process is almost immediate after application as seen in these photos - photos courtesy of my own landscape.

Typical blooming weed.


WooHoo!  Vinegar knocked those hard to remove weeds in my rock garden dead within minutes!

I suggest using inexpensive white distilled vinegar you can purchase anywhere.  If you have a bulk discount store, you may find the best price ~$2.00 a gallon.  I empty the gallon of vinegar into a garden sprayer and then add about 1/3 water.  That's it. . .now go spray the weeds making sure you saturate them.  Full sun helps speed up the process, but is not necessary.

A couple things to know about using vinegar as a weed control:

  • You will smell it for a few hours.  Just tell your neighbors you are making pickles!  I would rather smell vinegar over any TOXIC chemical, any day!  Have you noticed how long those chemical smells linger in the air that you breathe!? Think about tracking those chemicals into your home for your kids to play in, hmm? that's scary!
  • Vinegar does not sterilize soil.
  • Heavy rain will lesson its effectiveness. Choose a dry day for application.
  • May increase your pickle appetite.

These photos were taken less than 24 hours after vinegar application -



Removing and disposing of the dead bodies is easy...pull up and toss into recycling!

Choosing alternative solutions to our chemical dependencies inside and out, will help create a healthier life for everyone.

We would love to see your photos of success using this method, just drop us an Email to share your experience.

Happy landscaping~ Corinne Gail

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