Interior Design | Quick and Easy Halloween Decorations

One of my favorite Fall time activities is having fun with are some quick and easy decorating ideas you can do in minutes! Photo courtesy of Corinne Gail Interior Design

Be our guest if you DARE! Create a haunted mansion dining experience in your home. Using a large mirror for your tablescape base...add candles, black roses, and beads.  Add a scary window cling and your stage is set for a frightfully delightful dinner!

Photo courtesy of Corinne Gail Interior Design

Spooktacular details help set the stage!  Add black tulle in-between the light shades, drape beads, bobbles and sculls to help set a spooky mood. Tulle is inexpensive, easy to work with, and reusable year after year.

Photo courtesy of Corinne Gail Interior Design

Here we used torn and tattered black vinyl table cloths to create our haunted mansion draperies and chair slip covers.  After the party, be sure to save and reuse them next Halloween!

Photo courtesy of Corinne Gail Interior Design

Tombstone tablescape...add pillow batting underneath the tablecloth, prop up a lightweight tombstone and sprinkle with moss.  A perfect setting for snacks!


Yo ho ho! This treasure chest was created out of a cardboard box covered with brown craft paper embellished with black markers and spider webs.  Stuff the inside of the box with newspaper, adorn with costume jewelry and chocolate coins.

I hope you enjoyed our quick and easy Halloween decorating ideas.  Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more fun and creative ideas!

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Corinne Gail