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Last week we had an opportunity to attend the Houzz open house at the Kohler Signature Store by Keller Supply in Bellevue, WA.  It was great to see Kohler's expanded portfolio showcasing fixtures, beautiful finishes, and designer tiles.  Here are a few of our top picks for Bathroom Design 2014! Gold fixtures are making their way back onto the market and we are loving this new gold satin finish...understated, yet very refined and elegant.  [polldaddy poll=7752264]

The new brass 2014


Freestanding tubs are also among our top picks for Bathroom Design me, if I weren't in public that night, I would have been enjoying this bath!  If you have the space, explore installing a freestanding tub.

Freestanding tub

The talk of the town, or should I say, bathroom, was this automatic smart toilet.  Countless visitors were entertained by its automatic lid and seat up/down control.  Will it solve the age-old problem of leaving the seat up, probably so.  I foresee this toilet solving more than just seat positions, your guests will be congregating in the bathroom and not in the kitchen!  Notice the wall tile...a trendy cross-over from hair fashion to tile design - reversed ombre?

High Tech Automatic Toilet

BW Revsersed Ombre

One of our biggest surprises of the evening was visiting the beautiful tile selections now offered by Kohler.  We enjoyed familiarizing ourselves with the many styles available to complement any Bathroom Design 2014 project.

Kohler Tile

tile atile b

tile ctile d

We hope you enjoyed our favorite Kohler picks for Bathroom Design 2014. Don't forget to take our poll at the top of this page!  If you have any questions about products or services, please contact us for more information.

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