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Bye, bye vinyl seating...Potsy and Ralph don't dine here anymore!Banquette Beauty

Remember your favorite hometown diner; greasy burgers, milkshakes and sticky vinyl banquette seating?  Did you ever regret wearing shorts there and were fearful of having to get up? Ouch!

Reminiscent of it's diner brother, banquette seating made its way into our homes for the simple convenience of saving space and it's ability to seat many hungry campers at one time.

I remember my mother's excitement when our u-shaped banquette was installed. . . dreamy 1970's tufted blue vinyl. It was the perfect solution to seat a large family of 7 in a small space all at the same time.  Although our comfy banquette seating did not solve the age-old problem of teenage bickering, it did bring us all together!

Today's stylish kitchens and dining banquette spaces say goodbye to sticky vinyl and are going chic with beautifully upholstered pieces.

You too can have this look in your home. . . Easy peasy!

  1. Replace multiple dining chairs with a comfortable settee. You may be surprised at how affordable this option truly is.
  2. Be sure to measure your table length before shopping, you don't want the settee too small or too big for your table space!
  3. If space is limited, armless settees take up less space by fitting closer to the table.
  4. Choose a fabric that is durable and practical for your family.
  5. Add a toss pillow or two for added lower back comfort!

Tip:  Fabric and food don't always get along.  We suggest applying a healthy/safe fabric protector to help keep your chic banquette seating looking fresh and new.

Want more ideas on banquette seating for your dining pleasure?  Have questions and need guidance?  Give us a nudge. . . we will be happy to help!

Happy days are here again!

Corinne Gail

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