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Are you an Appy?  There are many people who use apps for everything from checking the weather, traffic and keeping contact names in an address book on their phone. People use apps every day without even realizing it!  What's your favorite go-to app? One of my favorite apps is Color911! This week we welcome color extraordinaire Amy Wax as our guest blogger to share her fantastic design tool Color911.  Amy has received many awards for her work in color and has authored two books, Can't Fail Color Schemes. She is the developer of the popular color selection app Color911designed to help both the homeowner and design professional pick the perfect color.  If you have ever been frustrated trying to pick the perfect color to match your outfit, paint for your home, or recreate a beautiful inspiration, you'll love the Color911 app. The process is easy, a lot of fun, and there is no learning curve! If you can take a photo, you can pick a palette!


Color911 photo 48 Dem2Hands purple goldColor911 FAQs:

  • Top 2014 app to download by Caitlin Flemming.
  • Top 100 Best New Home Products for 2013.
  • Capture colors from any image that inspires you.
  • Color911 has pre-selected color themes to choose from created by a professional colorist.
  • Perfect for planning events and sharing color palettes with your florist, wedding planner, etc.!
  • Easy to share your favorite colors via email or social media.
  • Create a personal color palette as the perfect shopping companion.
  • Visualize colors together before you buy.
  • Allows you to make notes on your color and design plans.


Whether you are a homeowner or design professional, finding the perfect color using Color911 can make shopping for a beautiful home or wardrobe a whole lot easier.  With Color911 at your fingertips, the color possibilities are endless!

Color911 - ADHDs2014 - Gray sofa - Golden Gray



“Always interesting how one tool can make your life easier in so many ways :)” Ronique Gibson

“It's truly phenomenal! You made finding the right color for your space easy! Hats off to you” @Vincenteliving

“That looks like a great design tool”




Thank you so much Amy for guest blogging this week and sharing your fabulous color app Color911!

Click here if you would like more information about Color911.  Thanks for visiting with us today!

Go color your world!

Corinne Gail

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