Interior Design |Las Vegas Summer Market 2014

Ah, finally refreshed after returning from Las Vegas World Market Summer 2014...We had so much fun reconnecting with colleagues, greeting vendors and making new friends, that I'm not sure where to start!  In any case, stay with me here, there's a lot to cover! 20140727_164025

Not everything that happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas...secrets be told when pigs fly...uh-oh!


Let's begin with sharing a few design trends and what's hot on the interior design front. Burlap, washed wood beachy-esque continues to influence the 2014 interior design market.  Don't you just love the sophisticated relaxed look of this dining space?  Nail head upholstery details or slip covers, neutral palettes and relaxed natural fabrics, create a comfortable and welcoming dining experience.




How do you feel about mixing a crystal chandelier with burlap?  The blending of elegant touches like a crystal chandelier with casual furnishings is a perfect marriage for today's homes and lifestyles.


Bright and bold, energetic colors and patterns for home accessories...toss pillows that are fun and interesting can add that much needed pop of color to any space.


Lighting is one of my favorite design elements, and one of the most important accessories for the home.  We were loving this cluster of globe lights, they were stunning in the showroom.


Table lamps in jewel toned glass, painted glass with painted shades, and artistic statement lights are simple ways to add beautiful interest to your home.




Market is also the perfect time to launch new products.  There's no better way to end a Monday, then to have the pleasure of meeting one of America's pop icons Donny Osmond at the official launch of Donny Osmond Home by Donny and Debbie Osmond.  Everything for your home, decor, rugs, lighting, accent furniture, fireplace, home improvements, bath and outdoor! Thanks to KAS for hosting such a welcoming event!





I must admit, knowing I would meet Donna Osmond was sort of like getting ready for prom...Is my outfit OK? How is my hair? Does this dress make me look...?  Well, you know what I mean...Why was I stressing so much?! LOL.  Many thanks to Donny for the photo op!


Hope you enjoyed our brief highlights from this summer's market. Contact us if you have inquiries about products presented in today's blog (Donny excluded), we will be happy to assist you.

Go InJoy your day!

Corinne Gail

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