Design Advice: The Basics of a Functional Outdoor Kitchen #OutdoorLiving


As we continue our approach into the Dog Days of Summer, you're probably thinking about the possibility of adding an Outdoor Kitchen to your sun-bathed entertainment areas.  Why not?  There really is nothing like enjoying a medium rare cut of steak and a perfectly chilled Washington Pinot Gris out of doors, without the hassle of missing out on the conversation of your guests each time you need to run inside to check on a pot or fetch another bottle. The well-designed outdoor kitchen means that the chef (usually the host or hostess) remains a part of the party.  But where do you start?  Usually we'd jump right into appliances, going gaga over the gleaming stainless steel of a built in gas grille with an integrated rotisserie or the iron casts of an Italian wood-fired pizza oven.

But before jumping into appliances, there are a number of basics to consider first.  And that, dear reader, is where were here to help.  Work Areas, Counter and Prep Space, Landing Areas, Storage, and Seating are five essentials that must be considered as part of every functional outdoor kitchen.  The team at Corinne Gail Interior Design has narrowed each down to their simplest of terms as part of today's Design Advice.

Of course, we're always happy to help design your outdoor kitchen.  Just give us a holler.

Happy Grilling!

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