Rocking Horses for the Discerning Modern Child

Abbie Rowe, National Park Service / John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, Boston

Abbie Rowe, National Park Service / John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, Boston

I Want A Pony!

Since the dawn of children, the pony has been a rather common request made by children.  For that matter, adults have also been making this request.  Of course, who wouldn't want a muscular stallion on which to ride into the proverbial sunset.  I'll admit, a pony may be added to my own Christmas list.

However, whether due to lack of stable space, the fact that one lives in the city, or just plain economics, children have had to settle for a second option - the Rocking Horse.  No stable required, no daily feedings, and no "messes" left round the house are just some of their great features.  The result?  The rocking horse has been a playroom staple for centuries.

Of course, today's smaller spaces and multi-use, decorated interiors have meant that where once there was a back hall or attic playroom, there is now the shared family room.  Children are seen and they're certainly heard.  But in modern, minimal interiors the ornate design of Victorian rocking horses are, quite simply, out of place. Luckily, as the tastes of parents have evolved so has the response of children's furniture designers around the world, bringing to market horses befitting of the most minimal of interiors.  And, of course, befitting the discerning tastes of modern little ones.

Osian Batyka-Williams

The plasmic form of Batyka-Williams' Equus is just one facet of its sustainable features. FSC plywood profiles laminated together, an all natural, unstained finish, and expandable qualities (extra holes allow for extra foot supports) means Equus might just help your little one give their little ones a planet to play on.

Through Bouf Designed Living

Hobbel ‘Fire Brigade’
Remko Verhaagen

For Blooey.
Leave it to the Dutch to take nonchalant materials like tubular steel and turn it into an elegant, iconic plaything for children. Did I mention that Blooey will craft Hobbel in any color you can imagine? Even Strawberry Popsicle according to their website.

Through Blooey

Happy Horse
Ineke Hans

There is something about Folk-Art that makes it perfect for most streamline modern interiors. Happy Horse, its foundation a Dutch vernacular, blends primitive forms and a single, distressed color into a functional children's plaything.

Through the InekeHans Collection

Baltic Rocking Horse
OFFI & Company

Today is a time when everything old is once again new. OFFI's Baltic Rocking Horse, which made its debut over 50 years ago, is only further proof. A simple, clean design and graphics earn it a place in any contemporary family room.
Through TheModernShop

Ross Rocking Chair

With my constant use of obscure movie references, it should only make sense when I say that Gommini's Ross Rocking Horse looks like it should be a bedroom where Ted Dansen and Tom Selleck sing a little brunette named Mary to sleep. Get it? Good.
Through Toyella

Marc Newson

For Magis Design.
Recycled polyethylene becomes a fully dressed jousting horse in Rocky, the pop-art design of prominent designer Marc Newson with one exception, no sharp edges.

Rosinante Kid’s Rocking Horse
Eero Aarnio

For Vondom.
Growing up in Southern California, I can't tell you how many times I heard the command "Go play outside!". Named after Don Quixote's famous horse, Rosinante is resilient enough to be taken out of doors, while still being chic enough for the most modern of abodes.
Through YLighting

Rocking Sculpture Reedition
Walter Pabst

A Kidsmodern + Wiege Design Studio Collaboration.
In the 1960's German designer Walter Pabst designed a range of children's furniture from a newly developed material - Glass Reinforced Plastic. Reducing the horse's form to a singular, basic element, the Rocking Sculpture has been reintroduced to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Trienneale di Milano. A piece of art, the design is limited to 1,500 copies.
Through Kidsmodern


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