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Design Advice: Find Space Under the Stairs

In today's era of Small Space Living it isn't hard to imagine what it would be like to have just a little extra room, a few more square feet of breathing room.  Those of you who live anywhere inside of New York City know just what I'm talking about.  Just trying to find a place for that extra pair of shoes you picked up during the Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale can be a task in and of itself! Most of us who live in these tiny dwellings would probably allocate that extra space to storage - more room for the Costco run, a place to put the Christmas tree, another rack for shoes.  But what if, for just a moment, we put storage concerns aside and thought of our luxury needs?

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Rocking Horses for the Discerning Modern Child

Today's smaller spaces and multi-use, decorated interiors have meant that where once there was a back hall or attic playroom, there is now the shared family room.  Children are seen and they're certainly heard.  But in modern, minimal interiors the ornate design of Victorian rocking horses are, quite simply, out of place. Luckily, as the tastes of parents have evolved so has the response of children's furniture designers around the world, bringing to market horses befitting of the most minimal of interiors.  And, of course, befitting the discerning tastes of modern little ones.

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