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Modernism Week 2017 | The west elm house

Have you ever passed over something that you're not particularly interested in, but eventually discover that it's pretty cool? That's exactly how I reacted to mid-century modernism until I experienced it in it's truest form at Modernism Week 2017, Palm Springs. Visiting the world of Mid-Century Modernism during Modernism Week 2017, Palm Springs.

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Design Advice: Find Space Under the Stairs

In today's era of Small Space Living it isn't hard to imagine what it would be like to have just a little extra room, a few more square feet of breathing room.  Those of you who live anywhere inside of New York City know just what I'm talking about.  Just trying to find a place for that extra pair of shoes you picked up during the Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale can be a task in and of itself! Most of us who live in these tiny dwellings would probably allocate that extra space to storage - more room for the Costco run, a place to put the Christmas tree, another rack for shoes.  But what if, for just a moment, we put storage concerns aside and thought of our luxury needs?

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Design Advice: The Basics of a Functional Outdoor Kitchen #OutdoorLiving

As we continue our approach into the Dog Days of Summer, you're probably thinking about the possibility of adding an Outdoor Kitchen to your sun-bathed entertainment areas.  Why not?  There really is nothing like enjoying a medium rare cut of steak and a perfectly chilled Washington Pinot Gris out of doors, without the hassle of missing out on the conversation of your guests each time you need to run inside to check on a pot or fetch another bottle. The well-designed outdoor kitchen means that the chef (usually the host or hostess) remains a part of the party. 

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