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Universal Design: The Sliding Barn Door

In the course of anticipating current and future needs in terms of physical accessibility, the fear of undertaking a major remodel or construction project can often hinder just how one goes with their quest for barrier removal, especially for those with older homes or smaller real estate.  Doors, especially in today's mass-market tract homes, can often times be the focus of many sleepless nights with too-narrow openings and door panels that occupy floor space essential to maneuverability. Increasing a room's footprint or structural layout, modifying wall framing for new, wider door openings, and even the possibilities that await inside a wall all become major concerns. Instead, all of these concerns may be alleviated with out of the box thinking, using a style of door originally designed to span large scale openings in traditional barns.  Just what is it that makes these standards of functionality perfect for maintaining true accessibility?

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