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Spotlight: Birdloft's Nimbus Cloud Table

Custom Furniture by Jeff Libby & Adrienne Wicks

There are two things to keep in mind today.  One, it is raining here in Seattle (though this is never news).  Two, the raw edge is simply one of our favorite design trends for 2015. Blame it on the cloudy sky but with these two facts in mind, it should only make more sense why we chose to make the Nimbus Cloud Coffee Table by artists Jeff Libby and Adrienne Wicks, the creative talent behind Tacoma based Birdloft, the focus of our very first Seattle spotlight. Of course we know that Birdloft's Washington home isn't exactly Seattle proper.  However, Tacoma is, in the words of someone much smarter than us, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the CGID headquarters and, for those in search of something unique to bring into their home, worth the distance.

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