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Rocking Horses for the Discerning Modern Child

Today's smaller spaces and multi-use, decorated interiors have meant that where once there was a back hall or attic playroom, there is now the shared family room.  Children are seen and they're certainly heard.  But in modern, minimal interiors the ornate design of Victorian rocking horses are, quite simply, out of place. Luckily, as the tastes of parents have evolved so has the response of children's furniture designers around the world, bringing to market horses befitting of the most minimal of interiors.  And, of course, befitting the discerning tastes of modern little ones.

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Universal Design: The Sliding Barn Door

In the course of anticipating current and future needs in terms of physical accessibility, the fear of undertaking a major remodel or construction project can often hinder just how one goes with their quest for barrier removal, especially for those with older homes or smaller real estate.  Doors, especially in today's mass-market tract homes, can often times be the focus of many sleepless nights with too-narrow openings and door panels that occupy floor space essential to maneuverability. Increasing a room's footprint or structural layout, modifying wall framing for new, wider door openings, and even the possibilities that await inside a wall all become major concerns. Instead, all of these concerns may be alleviated with out of the box thinking, using a style of door originally designed to span large scale openings in traditional barns.  Just what is it that makes these standards of functionality perfect for maintaining true accessibility?

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Spotlight: Phloem Studio

Contemporary Furniture Collaborations by Benjamin Klebba

With its foundation deeply rooted in past experiences, in the influences of friends and family, and Klebba's own professional journey (he found his starts in Chicago crafting luthier acoustic guitars), the catalog of works that define Phloem Studio remain the epitome of timeless, refusing to be defined by any one trend or fad.  The ability to transcend popular styles and the ever changing tastes of the elevated consumer is becoming ever so rare in our disposable marketplace.

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#TuesdayTrivia: The Lost Art of Horsehair

Necessity is the Mother of Invention The story is nearly as old as time itself.  Country wants to limit the dependence on goods from another country.  Country tasks "the people" with a solution.  Country ends up with a product that ends up being just as great if not better than the original.  In this case, that country was the long since defunct 18th Century state of Prussia.  And that product?  Silk. French silk to be exact.

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