Modernism Week 2017 | The west elm house


Have you ever passed over something that you're not particularly interested in, but eventually discover that it's pretty cool?

That's exactly how I reacted to mid-century modernism until I experienced it in it's truest form at Modernism Week 2017, Palm Springs. First stop, The West Elm House of iconic mid-century architecture and West Elm's colorful stylish, creative collection of home furnishings and accessories inside and out. Step out into Modernism onto a private courtyard complete with outdoor shower, dine under the stars, or just cozy up by the pool. Check out how well this mid-century home design incorporates an indoor/outdoor living experience from every room.  

The West Elm House was a true crowd pleaser with it's beautiful colors, reclaimed textures, and cohesive mix of natural elements.  We were huge fans of the reclaimed materials installed from original mid-century architecture, and how they added a warmth of history to the modern spaces.  Which one is your favorite?

Passing over something that you're not particularly interested in, is missing out! You might just find something that's pretty cool as I did.  Experiencing mid-century modernism in it's truest form during Modernism Week 2017, opened my eyes and has instilled in me a new found appreciation for all things modern.

Traveling the world of design. . .

Corinne Gail

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